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Mail Ordering Service Sharpy Gator

Mail-Order Sharpening for Cutlery & General Knives

The Quick & Easy Way To Sharpen Knives! In less time and money than you can do it yourself, our sharpening service will have you back in your kitchen or using your favorite knives with the sharpest edge ever!!

About our Craftsmanship and Service. We use a state of the art sharpening systems along with a hand sharpening process that removes the least amount of metal from the blade and provides a consistently sharper, durable edge at the proper angle. Your knives will be sharpened by experienced craftsmen who will help you protect your investment.

Follow the following 4 steps to use the mail-order knife sharpening service.

Step 1 = Fill-Out Order Form
Download the order form from our order form area. Once you complete the order form or forms and include insurance if so desired. You then need to make a payment for the total amount with a personal check or make payment online via PayPal.
Step 2 = Package Knives
Wrap each knife individually in newspaper, place them in a sturdy box and pack tight with additional newspaper. Include a copy of your order form and the check in the box, then seal the box securely.
Use USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail - More Info.
Step 3 = Mail Knives
Attach our printed mailing label to the package and ship with the reliable carrier of your choice. Insure your package if you desire. The Sharpening Shack will let you know when your knives arrive at our shop.
Step 4 = Receive Your Sharpened Knives
Once your knives have been serviced, the Sharpening Shack will ship your knives back to you via US Postal Service Priority Mail insuring them as you specified. You'll receive an email when your knives are on their way.

Most orders are completed and back to you within 10 days from the time you ship!!!!

Order Form & Mailing Label Area:

We have two order forms below, one is for kitchen cutlery and the other one is for general knives. If you are shipping both cutlery and general knives use both forms to detail your order but only pay for shipping once.....

Download the Order Forms Here:

Cutlery Order Form: PDF or Word file
General Knives Order Form: PDF or Word file
Scissor Order Form: PDF or Word file General Items Order Form: PDF or Word file
Mailing Label: PDF or Word file

We Recommend Using USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail:

Flat Rate Priority Mail

Click below for more information on Priority Mail Pickup Service:

USPS Priority Mail Package Pick Scheduling

Package Insurance:

If you would like to add insurance on the return shipment please use the following rate grid and include the fee within your order form along with the payment.

USPS Insurance Pricing Chart

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