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Knife Reconditioning Services Sharpy Gator

Knife & Cutlery Reconditioning

The Sharpening Shack can make those old knives look like almost new again. We can recondition your daily carry and user knives along with your hand-me-down knives to a presentable and usable state. The cost of this service is generally $25 per/knife but may be more or less depending upon the condition.

Our Knife Reconditioning Services include the following services:

  1. Clean knife (remove dirt, grime, tarnish, oil and minor stains & rust)

  2. Remove medium to light scratches from blades, bolsters and handles ( note: some synthetic handles may not be able to have scratches removed)

  3. Polish blades to mirror or satin finish , polish bolsters and handles

  4. Clean & condition leather sheath (fixed blades only)

  5. Lubricate knife and protect metals from corrosion

  6. Sharpen all blades

( Note: We only recommend this service for knives you use or want cleaned-up, as reconditioning collector knives may diminish the value.)

The knife below came to us dull and with severe tarnish, rust and scratches all around the knife.

example #1

Military Knife Restored Before
Military Knife restored After

example #2

reconditioned Knife Fixed Blade

example #4

Scrimshaw Reconditioned Knife

example #5

Case Knife Restored

example #6

Before: Knife sheath is dried out and tearing. Knife blade is badly pitted and stained from being left in sheath. Leather in handle is reacting to brass ring in handle causing corrosion. Blade is scratched, guard and pommel are oxidized.

Hunting Knife Before Reconditioning

After: Leather sheath has been cleaned and conditioned. Knife blade has been cleaned, minor scratches have been removed and blade has been polished. Corrosion between leather in handle and brass rings has been removed to allow leather to reseat. Leather handle has been cleaned and conditioned. Pommel and guard have been polished. Blade Sharpened.

Hunting Knife After Reconditioning

(please note: that the micro-scratches on the bolsters in the above images, are not really noticeable close-up but because we used a high-resolution camera with lighting, the scratches tend to stand out more than with the naked eye)

example #7

Before: Damascus Santoku knife had uneven primary and secondary beveled edge. Customer wanted it reground and shaped into a more modern style knife.

Santoku Knife before Re-Shape

After: Damascus Santoku knife was reshaped with a more aggressive tip, primary bevel and edge were made straight and sharpened. Blade, brass and handle was cleaned and polished. Customer was very happy with new shape and edge and is currently using the knife in his restaurant.

Santoku Knife After Re-Shape blade

example #8

Gerber Applegate Knife

Added new cutting edge to the top false-edge on the Gerber Applegate, then sharpened using Wicked Edge System

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