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Cutlery & Kitchen Knife Sharpening

Pocket/Hunting/Tactical Knife Sharpening

Chef's Knife, Santoku Knife, Carvers, Utility Knives, Boning, Filet, Paring & Steak Knives
Up to 4” $3.00
From 4” to 8” $4.00
Over 8” $5.00
Cleavers $5.00
Electric Knife Blades (per-pair) $10.00
Pocket Knives (multi-blade) $5.00
Pocket Knives (one blade) $4.00
Hunting Knives (one blade over 5") $5.00
Tactical Knives $5.00
Filet Knives $5.00
Fixed Blade Knife $5.00
Serrated Knives $6.00

Additional Sharpening Services (add cost below to items sharpened)

Hollow Ground Edge Sharpening - (Tormek) (Knives, Chisels, Plane Blades)
( Done on Tormek Wet Grinder (add $2 to each item)
Hand Sharpen Asian Knives on Whetstones $10.00
Add Perfect Flat, Double Bevel, Taper, Chisel & Sabre Edge Knife Sharpening $4.00
Broken Knife Tip Repair & Reshaping (add $3 for each knife) $3.00
Re-shape Bolsters & Restore Proper Knife Blade Geometry $3.00
Removal of Blade Edge Nicks & Chips or (add $1 for each knife) $1.00
Serrated Knives (add $1 for each knife) $1.00
Oil Wood Handle Knives with Butcher Block Oil "Hi-Gloss" or Mineral Oil "Natural Finish" .75¢
Rust Removal Bath with minor sanding or conditioning and polishing $2.00
Polishing minor buffing to rejuvenate & brighten metals ( does not remove many scratches) $1.50
Add Micro-Bevel Edge to Chisel or Plane Blade
( Done using 4000grit and 8000grit Whetstones (add $2 to each item)
Removal of Chisel & Plane Blade Edge Nicks & Chips or (add $2 for each blade or chisel) $2.00
Hand Saw Blade Cleaning & Sanding (wet-sanding blade to remove rust & brighten blade) Call
Hand Saw Blade Tooth Jointing (for saws with many uneven teeth) Call
Straight Razor Reconditioning: We remove blade from scales to clean and remove most rust and discoloration including scratches from medium to very light on the blade. We then polish the straight razor blade to a mirror polish if possible. We also condition the scales with appropriate conditioners to bring back color or remove dryness. We then re-sharpen blade and re-pin straight razor scales to blade .Finally we apply camellia oil to blade protect and aid against finger-prints and tarnishing.
( Note: We will have to remove blade from scales and there is a chance they may break or crack because of age - it does not happen often but you should be aware that we cannot be responsible.)
Straight Razor Cleaning & Polishing: We will clean and polish the exposed areas of the straight razor and scales. We will not remove pins on scales to clean. $10.00
Straight Razor Scale Re-pinning: $10.00
Knife Reconditioning: We will clean and remove most rust spots and medium to light scratches from blade, we then polish bolsters and blades and lubricate knife if needed. Then we sharpen knife to (arm hair shaving edge) and apply a protection to the knife to help aid against finger-prints and corrosion. We also condition leather sheaths if knife has one.
( Note: We only recommend this service for knives you use or want cleaned-up, as reconditioning collector knives may diminish the value.)
Add New Additional Edge To Knife: We will turn that false-edge on a knife blade into a dagger, stiletto or spear-pointed double-edge knife. The Gerber Applegate is a popular knife to convert the false edge on. Price includes creation of new edge and sharpening of both edges. $12.00
Wicked Edge Knife Sharpening Service
All Straight Edge Cutlery (Euro, USA) - (any size) $9.00
Asian Cutlery Knives - (any size) $10.00
Meat Cleavers $10.00
Tactical, Collectable & All other Knives - (6" or Less) $10.00
Tactical, Collectable & All other Knives - (6" or Less with Two-Edges like Daggers ETC.) $16.00
Tactical, Collectable & All other Knives - (more than 6") $14.00
Tactical, Collectable & All other Knives - (more than 6" with Two-Edges like Daggers ETC.) $16.00
Tactical & Survival Equipment Sharpening Service
Tactical & Military Shovels (Entrenchment Tools) $10.00
Throwing Knives $6.00
Military & Tactical Tomahawks $10.00

Wood Working Tools

Drill Bit Sharpening

Chisels (1" and under) $5.00
Chisels (1 1/8" to 2") $7.00
Chisels (2 1/8" to 3 ") $9.00
Skew Chisel $7.00
Hand Plane Irons (1" and under) $5.00
Hand Plane Irons (1 1/8" to 2") $7.00
Hand Plane Irons (2 1/8" to 3 ") $9.00
Most Wood Carvers Tools $9.00
Most Wood Turners Tools $6.00
Scrapers (straight-edge) $3.00
Forstner Bits (3" or larger) $4.50
Forstner Bits (2" to 2 15/16") $3.50
Forstner Bits (smaller than 2") $2.75
Spade Bits (without side spurs) $2.00
Spade Bits (with side spurs) $2.75
Auger Bits (2" and under) $3.50
Auger Bits (over 2") $6.00

Home/Office Sharpening

Hand Tools

Blender/Juicer Blades (most blades) $7.00
Food Processor Blades (most blades) $7.00
Meat Grinder Plate & Knife $12.00
24" or larger Paper Cutter Blades $25.00
21" to 24" Paper Cutter Blades $20.00
13" to 20" Paper Cutter Blades $15.00
12" or smaller Paper Cutter Blades $10.00
Tweezers - Industrial
(demagnetize tweezers 50¢ more )
Adzes $12.00
Axes - Hatchet $7.00
Axe/Hatchet Re-Condition Service $25.00
Drawknives $12.00
Machete & Kukri $5.00
Machete with Sawback $15.00
Hammer - "Claws on Hammer " $3.00
Slicks $12.00
Spokeshave $10.00

Hair Shears & Beauty Sharpening

Scissor & Shear Sharpening

Barber & Grooming Shears
(bevel edge or AKA German Style)
Hi-Quality Beauty Shears
(convex edge or AKA Japanese Style)
Hi-Quality Grooming Shears
(convex edge or AKA Japanese Style)
Straight Razors - Carbon Steel
(whetstone - hand sharpened)
Straight Razors - Stainless Steel
(whetstone - hand sharpened)
Tweezers - Beauty
Tweezers - Beauty
(sharpening & repair ding or nick)

Kids Craft Scissors $1.25
Small Scissors, Embroidery (no-curved) $3.00
Fabric & Upholstery Shears $7.00
Pinking & Scalloped Shears $8.00
Industrial Shears, Tailor $8.00
Kitchen & Paper Shears $4.00
Knife Edge Shears $8.00
Specialty Shears (Carpet, Bandage etc.) $7.00
Electrician Shears $8.00

Additional Scissor, Shear & Straight Razor Services (add cost below to items sharpened)

Replacement of Scissor or Shear Stoppers $2.00
New Finger Ring (assorted colors available) $3.00
Replace Finger Rest or Finger Tang $5.00
Replace Washers $4.00
Replace Screws, Finger Nuts, Tension Plates $5.00
Recondition Badly Damaged Shears (Do to improper sharpening, wear, rust - add $12) $12.00
Remove Minor Blade Issues caused by improper stropping of straight razor, "blade frown" $5.00
Correction of "Un-Even" Edges on straight razor " $5.00

Garden Tool & Mower Blade Sharpening

Sporting Goods Sharpening

Lawn Mower Blade $10.00
Lawn Mower Blade (we remove blade) $12.50
Grass Clippers $5.00
Pruning Sawblades $8.00
Pruning Shears & Scissors $6.00
Loppers $6.00
Elect. Hedge Trimmers ($15 per/foot ) $15.00
Chain Saws (up to 24") $11.00
Hedge Shears $7.00
Pick $7.00
Shovel or Hoe $2.50
Golf Club Face Sharpening (per/club) $10.00
Metal Tip Darts (per/set of 3) $3.00
Fish Hooks (big game) (per/hook) .50¢
Fishing Gaffs $4.00
Snow Skis - Sharpening Only
(per/pair - no waxing or ski repair)
Snow Skis - Alpine Tune-Up
(per/pair - includes waxing)
Archery Broadhead Tips $3.00
Spear Gun Tips $4.00

Additional Services & Delivery Options

Free Pick-up & Delivery Service (Limited to Chula Vista & Bonita) We will pick-up and drop-off your items if you live or your business is within the following areas: Chula Vista, Bonita (minimum $25 order) Free
Pick-up & Delivery Service (South Bay) We will pick-up and drop-off your items if you live or your business is within the following areas: Chula Vista, Bonita, National City, South San Diego, Imperial Beach, San Ysidro, Spring Valley (minimum $25 order) $8.00
Pick-up & Delivery Service (North of Highway 94 to Poway or La Jolla) We will pick-up and drop-off your items if you live or your business is within the following areas: San Diego City, La Jolla, Mission Valley, Mira Mesa, Poway, Santee El Cajon, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, College Area (minimum $35 order) $12.00
Pick-up & Delivery Service (within 50 miles) We will pick-up and drop-off your items if you live or your business is within 50 miles of Chula Vista (minimum $50 order) $20.00
Free Weekly Cutlery Pick-up & Delivery Service (within 25 miles) We will pick-up and drop-off your cutlery items if your business is within 25 miles of Chula Vista (minimum $50 order and must sign-up for weekly cutlery sharpening service) Free

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