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Metal Dart Tip Tip Sharpening Service Sharpening Gator

Dart Tips Sharpened (Rounding of Tips)

At the Sharpening Shack, we professionally sharpen all metal dart tips.

What services are needed? Well you will need your metal darts to be un-sharpened. Yep, that sounds a bit odd, but darts should actually have rounded points.

Sharp points will nick the wires, and bounce out a LOT! Sharp points also "burr" easily, and those little burrs will jerk fibers out of your dartboard when you remove your darts after a throw.

sharp dart tips

New darts are nearly always way too sharp. Sharp points look sexy in the package.. And, frankly, most people expect darts to be sharp and might not purchase darts that appeared dull.

The little "sharpening" is used to remove burrs that occur from the very tip of a sharp point bending over to the side. .

A perfect darts point should look just like the end of ball-point pen. Very round, much more so than most people would imagine a dart point be.

rounded dart tip

Like the tip of a ball-point pen, a rounded darts point will just slide off of the wires, instead of nicking the wires and rebounding. Rounding your darts points will greatly reduce your frequency of bounce-outs.

Some darters feel that they should never "sharpen" or touch-up their dart points at all. Unfortunately, natural wear on darts points will not leave the points round.. they points will become flat on their ends.

blunt or flat dart tips

At $3 a set the Sharpening Shack can get your darts in top shape for the next game of Cricket or 501!

Dart Tips Sharpened for: $3.00 per/set of 3

dart tips sharpened

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