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Snow Ski Sharpening Service Ski Sharpening Gator

Snow Skis Sharpened

At the Sharpening Shack, we sharpen, tune, wax and repair skis by hand. All ski service packages include a free ski and binding safety inspection of your skis.

We will tune your skis based upon the ski type, skier experience, type off snow you will be skiing on and the manufactures recommended base and side edge angles.

Hot Waxing Skis by Hand

Package #1
Complete Alpine Ski Tune Up - $32.50 per/pair

  • Complete ski and binding safety check
  • Minor base repair ( clear or black P-TEX is used for filling in minor base scratches)
  • Precision base flattening by hand if needed
  • Base and Side edge hand-sharpening and de burr
  • Micro-Finish structure (texture) applied to flat base
  • Hand hot-wax and buff
  • Wax structure (texture) applied to wax base

    Note: If the side edges need to be planed, an additional $5 charge will be added.

Ski Edge Angles

Package #2
Alpine Ski Sharpening - $15.00 per/pair

  • Complete ski and binding safety check
  • Base and Side edge hand-sharpening and de burr
  • Finish structure (texture) applied to flat base
  • No-Wax

Frequently asked questions:

Question: Do you do binding adjustments?

Answer: No, to keep our ski sharpening and tune-up service pricing low, we cannot offer binding adjustments because of the additional cost for liability insurance.

Top 10 Reasons for Hand Tuning Skis over Machine Tuning of Skis:

  1. Shop machine tuning grinds off excessive metal off the ski's edges which greatly reduces edge life. Regular hand tuning removes the minimum amount of material to maximize ski edge life.

  1. Shop machine tuning grinds edges to the machine's pre-set angles. Hand tuning means that edge work can be done to the specific ski’s factory angles, or to any angles specified by the user, to give the best possible performance.

  2. Shop machine tuning cuts both the base & side edge angles which leads to an excessive base edge angle, increases the frequency that a base grind is required & reduces ski life. Hand tuning the side edge angle only (after initially setting the base edge angle if necessary) maximizes control, the duration between base grinds & ski life.

  3. Shop tuners do not polish the edges after machine tuning. Hand polishing the edges after sharpening reduces friction & subsequent wear to the edges which maximizes performance, edge strength & edge life.

  4. Shop tuners usually detune the tips & tail edges after tuning which reduces the performance of modern carving skis. Hand detune can be done just slightly & then test etc to ensure the desired result.

  5. Shops perform unnecessary base grinds to remove base damage which removes all the impregnated wax, greatly reduces ski life & increases the cost as the edges then have to be completely re-cut. A hand tuner can repair base damage only as necessary, & then in a localized area. This gives the best repair adhesion, retains the absorbed wax in the base, negates the need for unnecessary edge work & minimizes the cost.

  6. Shop tuners apply new wax on top of old which seals in the dirt & grime in the base which reduces future wax absorption, increases base wear & reduces base life. A hand tuner performs a hot wax/scrape to fully clean the base prior to waxing to maximize wax absorption, wax longevity, wax performance & base protection.

  7. Shop waxing machines remove the excess wax immediately after application which gives little time for the wax to be absorbed in to the base, giving minimum effect. A hand tuner can let the wax coat fully cool for the wax manufacturers recommended period before scraping, thus maximizing wax absorption, wax longevity, wax performance & base protection.

  8. Shops use the cheapest wax possible which gives inferior performance. A Hand tuner can use either specific waxes or the best universal temperature wax available to give the best possible glide, control & speed in the widest range of snow conditions.

  9. Shop tuning if you’re a regular skier or a multi ski-owning family is going to get very expensive!

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