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Serrated Knife Sharpening Service Sharpening Gator

Serrated Knives Sharpened

At the Sharpening Shack, we professionally sharpen all types of knives with serrated edges. We can bring your tradition cutlery or electric serrated knife blades back to life, whether its a set of steak knives or a prized tactical military knife.

Serrated knife blades and gut hooks are sharpened differently than straight blades. Flat sharpening stones must not be used on them. We use specially-made, cone-shaped taper sharpeners to get serrations. These are diamond coated, and they’re specifically designed to get inside each serration.

Types of Serrated Knives Sharpened:

Electric Knife Blade Sharpening Service

Electric Serrated Knife Blade Sharpening

Serrated Cutlery Sharpened
EMS Knives Sharpened

Serrated Cutlery

EMS Scalloped Knives

Tactical Military Knife

Serrated Spyderco Sharpened

Tactical Scalloped Knives

Spyderco Serrated Knives

(Note: we do not recommend sharpening micro-serrated blades or double sided serration knives. These knives do not allow for sharpening because the knives where never intended to be sharpened (Ginsu Knives for example are double serrated knives that are not meant to be sharpened))

Mirco-Serrated Blades Should Not be sharpened


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