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Golf Club Sharpening Service Sharpening Gator

Golf Club Faces Sharpened

At the Sharpening Shack, we sharpen metal golf club faces. Restoring and re-grooving your 3 iron through sand wedge grooves will help you breathe new life back into your short game, generate massive spin and control just like a PGA golf pro does. Whether you use Ping, Titleist, Mizuno, Taylor Made etc..your grooves will feel and play like new club face.

Do you have to sharpen your clubs? Well truthfully no!!! But if your talent level is not that of Tiger Woods, then something as simple as playing with CLEAN, WELL MAINTAINED equipment will give you the best chance to perform at the top of your game. I know it seems so simple, but think about it; how could you expect to hit a good shot with worn grooves and a dirty club face? Clean your gear, and sharpen those clubs about every 4 to 5 years.

Signs that you need your Pre-2011 irons sharpened:

  1. Check for a "Halo" Strike Pattern on face of the irons,this is a sure sign of aggressive wear. The image below is an example of severe wear, most clubs just show a bright or different color on the metal wear the ball has been striking.
  2. Bottom two grooves or channels on face of club look "flat, dull and rounded" then grooves above them.
  3. Rust in grooves-channels.

Golf Face Wear----Golf Clubs That Need Regrooving

Worn -Golf Club Face Grooves

The golf club sharpening service removes bent over metal from the edges, we then sharpen the grooves in clubs that have been worn down or beat up over time to a condition similar to when they were new, its purpose is to redefine the edges,

Important Facts About Golf Club Sharpening Service:

  1. It takes time and care to sharpen golf club faces, so please plan on at least a 24 to 48 hour turn-around for sharpening.

Hot Waxing Skis by Hand

Golf Club Sharpening Service
$10.00 per/club

Golf Iron Sharpening Services Include:

  • Each club is checked for cracks, rust, and other that may effect play or safety
  • Each club is then washed and scrubbed to remove all debris
  • Each club face groove is lubricated to assist in sharpening and aiding the grooves to become more resistant to debris sticking in the club face grooves
  • Then each groove on the club head is sharpened to restore grooves to a better condition to aid in better backspin
  • Club head is buffed and polished
Golf Club Before Sharpening--------Golf Club After Sharpening & Polish


  1. Painted lines within the club-head grooves may be removed during sharpening process, if these painted lines are important to you then we advise you "not to sharpen your club-heads" as we cannot be responsible for paint removal during the sharpening process.

  2. We do not recommend this service for "Wood Club Faces" or Titanium golf heads.

Important Facts About Back-Spinning Golf Balls

  1. You must strike the golf ball on a downward motion. Most amateur golfers try to lift the ball which will result in no spin. The club must contact the ball on the downward motion. The ball then gets trapped between the club face and the ground. It is like your pinching the ball to the ground. Then, with no place to go, the ball rides up the club face.

  2. Stay in the fairway. Hitting out of ruff will greatly decrease the spin on the ball. There will be a barrier of grass and debris between the ball and club face or the ball and the ground. You will not get the trapping of the ball from the club face and ground.

  3. Keep your grooves clean. Any dirt in your grooves will greatly affect your spin. You can still trap the ball between the ground and the club face, but if the grooves are full of dirt the ball will just slide up face and will not catch on the grooves.

  4. Sharpen your grooves. Having rounded grooves will greatly affect your spin. The grooves need to grab the ball when it is sliding up the club face. Groove Test Results:

Most golfers change putters and drivers like they do socks. But chances are if you have a sand wedge you like then you've stuck with it for years—it's tough to give one up when you know it works. There's also a good chance that its grooves are practically worn away due to years of ballstriking. Do worn grooves actually hurt your game? Hot Stix Golf, our exclusive research partner, ran the following test to find out.

Testers hit a worn Wilson Staff sand wedge, circa 1987, and a brand new Titleist Vokey Spin Milled wedge. Both clubs have the same loft (56°) and lie angle. We captured ball data using a Trackman launch monitor on a 25-yard pitch off of a Bermuda-grass fairway.

Golf Club Groove Test Results

Worn grooves are a detriment to your game. The wedge with fresh grooves produces twice the backspin and loads more control on our designated short touch shot. In addition, the ball slides up the worn face (and launches higher) rather than being grabbed by the grooves, thus reducing spin.

NEW PGA Golf Club Groove Rules:

Quick, go buy those old pre-2010 irons with U shaped grooves, manufacturers cannot produce anymore of the square-grooved iron sets after the December 31, 2010 !!! Almost all your irons will be affected by this rule. As a player looking to get the most out of your clubs, why would you not give yourself every advantage possible? The truth about the new groove rule is that it will affect all clubs that have more than 24 degrees of loft. That means that every iron, 4-iron through pitching wedge, will be affected by this rule. Just as with wedges, manufacturers also cannot produce anymore of the square-grooved iron sets after the December 31, 2010. So, if you want to take advantage of a great club that you will be able to use for about 14 years, and there is no reason not to, you need to get out and buy soon. The best way to give yourself every opportunity to hit great shots more often, is to go out and buy the best, most user-friendly equipment possible. The clubs affected by this ruling have deeper, sharper grooves that provide more spin, and thus, more control, so it stands to reason that getting these clubs is an easy decision. Don’t let anyone beat you simply because of technology, with these clubs you will be prepared to play your best.

New PGA Groove Patterns

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