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The Sharpening Shack offers four main types of services:

1) Tools, Knives & Sporting Goods Sharpening Service

We hand or stone sharpen knives, kitchen cutlery, garden tools, hand tools and sporting goods. Our sharpening service is done the old fashion way. We use the right tools and process based upon the condition and the type of item requiring sharpening. This assures you the sharpest edge with the least amount metal removal done to the edge of your item. ( Only top-quality stones & files are used to sharpened edges)

2) Knife Reconditioning Service

We recondition old or used knives to get them back into a great working and visual condition. Reconditioning a knife means, we thoroughly clean, remove minor rust and tarnish, remove minor scratches, polish bolsters and blades, lubricate and hand sharpen the blade edges to a fine sharp edge.

(We do not restore knives only make them usable or better looking. Reconditioning is not recommended for collector knives as it can decrease the value of your collectable's.)

3) Tool Engraving & Stamping Service

We can engrave or stamp garden and hand tools. It is important that if you use your tools for work or tend to lend garden or hand tools out, that you either engrave the metal or stamp the handles with your initials or name. This makes it so much easier to identify your tools later to assure their return.

4) Quality Low Priced Knives For Sale

Finally we offer top-name brand quality knives for sale at affordable low prices. We have access to over 10,000 knives that we can custom order for you at prices usually less than 40% below retail.

Choosing the right edge for your tools and knives:

Sharpening Services Done By Hand and Stone

The Sharpening Shack replicates the original edge, so that your knives and tools perform as good or if not better than the first day you used them.

Items we do not sharpen:

We do not sharpen circular saw blades.

Please check out out our sharpening Pickup & Delivery service and our Mail-In knife service.

Pick Up & Delivery Sharpening Service

Call 619-746-8008 today to schedule an pick-up or go to our mail-in sharpening service page for more information.

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