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The Sharpening Shack Has Been Sold & Under New Management

"No Pickups or Drop-offs Will Be Accepted"

All Excisting orders will be completed and returned over the next 3 Weeks (Feb. 22, 2018)

For Any Questions Please Email Us At

Sharpening Services, San Diego

The Sharpening Shack is a family owned and operated. We are sharpening experts of knives, hand tools, garden tools, household tools and sporting equipment.

Our professional sharpening services are extensive while being inexpensive. Sharpening is an art and not a science, thus we give every piece we sharpen the personal touch based upon the condition and use of the item being sharpened.

By combining traditional hand & stone methods of sharpening with cutting-edge technology, we keep your edges sharp and rigid for long-term use.

All Knife & Scissor sharpening's have a 90-day Re-Sharpening Satisfaction Warranty!!

The Sharpening Shack Now Offers Precision Hand Sharpening For KNIVES


"Click on "Wicked Edge" for more information"

We Also Recondition Straight Razors = $45 and Up for Razor Restoration Service


If it's got a blade or edge, we can sharpen it for you!

Please Email Us At


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Knife Special

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1) Any 10 Kitchen Knives Sharpened: $25

2) Any 6 Garden Hand Tools sharpened for: $25






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