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Machete & Kukri Sharpening Service Sharpening Gator

Machetes and Kukris Sharpened

At the Sharpening Shack, we professionally sharpen all types of machetes, from high-end to Harbor Freight $5 machetes. We can put any type of edge on the machete depending upon what your main cutting or chopping use is..

Machetes are highly diversified tools designed for various purposes across the globe. The word "Machete" is Spanish for saber or cutlass, and one of its original functions was as a weapon.

Machetes are commonly made from a single stamped piece of steel, with a simple handle and many times they are sold un-sharpened. Un-sharpened machetes are intended for the owner to sharpen and it is always best to have a professional place the first sharpened edge on the machete. This will allow you to do touch-ups in the future, since the blade edge will be set at the preferred angle for your cutting and chopping duties. Most people use the machete to cut through thick brush and tend to dull quick if you strike rocks or dirt.

Sharpened Gerber Machete

___Gerber machete edge sharpened

Cheap Machete Sharpened

Types of Machetes Sharpened:

Sawback Machete Sharpening

Kukri Machete Sharpening

Sawback Machetes

Kukri Machetes

Cane Machete Sharpening

Jungle Machetes Sharpened

Cane Machetes

Jungle Machetes

Two handed Machete Sharpening

Tactical machete Sharpening

Two-Handed Machetes

Tactical Machetes

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