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Global Sharpening Customers Serviced

At the Sharpening Shack, we professionally sharpen and restore all types of knives and tools. Many of our customers come to us from other states and countries because of our high-quality sharpening services and affordable pricing that you cannot always find locally.

Here's a list of some of the states and countries where customers have used mail-order for restoration, purchasing or sharpening of knives, tools, golf clubs and household items:

Mail Order Sharpening Service Clients

Mail-Order Customer Countries:

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Japanese Sharpening Service

Puerto Rico


Customer Testimonials

  • Hi Sharpening Shack, Got my knife back today and it looks great. The 50 year old knife looks better than new. Thanks Frank
    Frank, San Diego, California

Restored Military Knife before


Restored Military Knife After

  • I wanted to tell how pleased I am with the edge you put on my knife. As you may know, the Mk. 3, Mod. 0 knife was made by Ontario and issued to U.S. Navy Seals and Navy divers. This particular knife was beat up but had potential as quality combat/field knife. Thanks to the Wicked Edge Sharpening you put on it, this veteran is ready for many years of use. No doubt, you will be hearing again from me in the future. Thanks again.
    Steven, Fresno, California
  • I want to thank you for your skillful sharpening of my formerly shop-worn chisels, for your attention to detail, for the rapidity with which you completed the job and shipped the chisels back to me, and, finally, for your excellent communication at each step of the process. My chisels have a new lease on life, and I find myself searching my workshop for other tools that have suffered from my neglect and need to take a trip to California for renewal.
    Richard, Boone, North Carolina
  • "I needed my waved spyderco endura sharpened and refinished and I looked through the available businesses. I e-mailed a couple and got confused replies. I decided to give Sharpening Shack a try. I got a reply within minutes with a quote, I shipped my knife off and I was told exactly what they'll be doing to the knife along with a reliable time frame. A week later on schedule I got my Endura back with a shaving sharp edge and a beautiful mirror polish, simply the best work I've had on any of my knives. Knowledgeable and capable I'll be taking my business back for more cutting edge service."
    Jeffrey - San Diego, California
  • Oh, hey Matt this is Rob. Well I just examined the divers knife up close and it's beautiful. The jobs Great, and I really appreciate it. I thought I probably should have taking a picture of the diving knife before and after the reconditioning because it's just awesome, you know. I mean it almost looks brand new. It's amazing compared to what it looked like before. And now it has a shaving sharp edge which is just what I wanted. Thanks again, and I hope to use your service in the future.
    Rob - San Diego, California
  • I had the Sharpening Shack remove the rust on the blades, clean and polish the handles on my Buck Knives that I inherited from my dad. Wow they looked 100% better and I was proud to carry them in my pocket once again.
    Burt - Valencia, California
  • The was able to get my curved edges sharpened on my Cold Steel Kukri Machete. I could not find anyone locally that would sharpen it.... Came back to me sharp and clean, ready to cut some more rope!!!
    Terry - Seattle, Washington
  • Matthew, I received the knife today. Excellent work and many thanks. You have restored a family air loom  and done my father proud.
    John - Burlington, Vermont
  • The Sharpening Shack did a wonderful job on restoring my Henckels kitchen knives. I had a few that I sharpened on an electric knife sharpener that had to much metal removed from the back of the knife. The Sharpening Shack reshaped the knives an put a better and longer lasting edge on them then they had new.
    Sam - Daytona Beach, Florida
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We have proudly serviced military and tactical knives for the following United States Service Men and Women:

Navy Seal UDT
Navy Seal Team 3
seahawks hsm 41
Battle Cats HSL 43
11th Armored Cavalry
Blackwater Military Contractor

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