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Straight Razor Restoration Service Sharpy Gator

Straight Edge Razor Restoration Service

The Sharpening Shack is now proud to offer our customers complete straight razor blade restoration services. Our services will remove 90% or better of all rust and pitting were applicable in addition to stains or oxidation. Regardless of the grind of the blade and size, the razor can be cleaned to it's maximum potential without affecting the integrity of the blade. Once the razor has been cleaned of rust and pits, you have a choice of a satin or mirror blade finish.

While all pitting cannot be removed in some cases, the razor will be treated as one of my own to clean it to its potential. Sometimes one must accept that all blemishes cannot be removed, but we do our best while ensuring the razor's integrity is not damaged.

The Sharpening Shack utilizes various machines and techniques to accomplish your straight razors restoration. Our experience of restoring over 100 razors allows us to know a razors limitations. We restore most all razors using a combination of buffing compounds and polishing rogues along with hours of vibration polishing to achieve the highest brightness in polishing of your straight razor blade..

Scales will be unpinned, "the owners of the razor need to know that no razor scales are completely safe during the unpinning process. Unfortunately, no matter how careful the unpinning process scales do break. If you wish to proceed with this cleaning option and the scales break, new scales or custom scales can be be purchased or we can get some cheaper replacement plastic scales at cost for the replacements. Facts are, about 1 in 10 unpinning's result in a cracked or broken scale because the pivot pin is generally severely bent.

Double Duck Grim-Reaper Straight Razor Restored

It should also be noted that most gold-leaf embellishments and etchings on blades will generally be lighted or removed in the polishing process. Deep etching or stamps on blades are not an issue.

Our complete starlight razor restoration service includes the following:

  • Removal of 90% of all rust and pitting where applicable
  • Polishing of straight razor blade to mirror or satin finish
  • Removal of blade frown if one exists
  • Removal and cleaning of straight razor scales
  • Polishing of straight razor scales
  • New brass, nickel or stainless pins, bushings and washers for attaching scales
  • Shave-Ready sharpening and honing of straight razor
  • Straight razor blade disinfected from fungus, bacteria and HIV
  • Straight razor scales conditioned with microcrystalline paste (used by Smithsonian)
  • Straight razor blade conditioned with sword oil or microcrystalline paste (your choice)

Pricing ranges from $45 to $65 depending on condition of blade and scales. Send us a few pics of your straight razor for a quote.

Craftsman Straight razor restored

Straight Razor Cleaning & Polishing Service

The Sharpening Shack also offers a cleaning and polishing service where we clean and polish "Pinned Razor blades". We do our best to clean and polish both the blade and scale of your pinned razor. We know sometimes it is best to just leave the original scales pinned and just clean and polish the exposed areas.

It should also be noted that most gold-leaf embellishments and etchings on blades will generally be lighted or removed in the polishing process. Deep etching or stamps on blades are not an issue.

Fredwick Reynolds Cleaned and Polished razor

Straight Razor - New Pins & Scales Service

The Sharpening Shack also offers you the ability to buy your own razor scales and we would be more than happy to repin them to your favorite straight razor. We can also replace the current pins with a more high-end layered brass and stainless pin like the ones below in the photo.

Mehaz razor Repinned & Polished

Straight Razor Restoration, Cleaning & Polishing Pricing:

Straight Razor Services
Blade Size
Sharpen & Hone Carbon Straight Razor Any $20.00
Sharpen & Hone Stainless Steel Straight Razor Any $22.00
Full Straight Razor Restoration Service Any $45.00 to $65.00
Clean & Polish a Pinned Straight Razor Any $10.00
Change or Repinning of Scales (includes new custom pins) Any $10.00


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