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Get A Wicked Edge Knife Sharpening Sharpy Gator

Wicked Edge Sharpening Service

Custom High Quality Hand Sharpening Service
"Your Edge Angles Are Set Exactly To Recommended Knife Angle Specifications or Based Upon Your Knife Usage"

The Sharpening Shack is now proud to offer our customers the ultimate sharpening service based upon "true edge-to-angle sharpness technology" for all your high-end cutlery, tactical's and collector knives. This service is performed using the "Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpening System". This sharpening system guarantees all your knives will be hand sharpened by professionally skilled sharpeners that take your knife through as many as 13 different sharpening and honing process steps. During the process we will be using stones & hones from 50 to 60,000 grit depending on knife usage to achieve the perfect edge angle and sharpness.

Perfect Sharpening Angle Service

We can sharpen all of your "straight edge knives", from your basics to best kitchen cutlery to a razors-edge sharpness. We sharpen American, Chinese, European and Japanese knives to the correct angle. You will wonder why you didn't take those knives in sooner to get sharpened. (sorry this system is not designed for sharpening serrated blades at this time)

The Wicked Edge sharpening service is excellent for re-profiling, repairing damaged blades or getting the "EXACT ANGLE" you want on that special knife or kitchen cutlery. When you select to have your knife done "Wicked Edge Sharp", the results are a perfectly sharpened knife edge at the original factory angle or your requested edge angle. Once your knife has been sharpened "Wicked-Edge" sharp, you'll now have a perfectly angled blade edge for future repeatable resharpening at home or with us.

The Wicked Edge Sharpening Service Pricing:

Type of Knives (straight-edge knife blades only) Blade Size Cost
All Straight Edge Cutlery (Euro, USA) Any $9.00
Asian Cutlery Knives Any $10.00
Meat Cleavers Any $10.00
Tactical, Collectable & All other Knives 6" or Less $10.00
Tactical, Collectable & All other Knives More than 6" $14.00

Note: when sending your knives in via mail, please make sure you request the "Wicked Edge" or "WE" next to knife discription on the order form and make sure you include the correct amount for each item.


Knife Sharpened Using Wicked Edge System

example #1

Wicked Edge Sharpening KaBar Knife

example #2

Gerber Applegate Knife with double edge - wicked edge sharpened

Added a edge to the top false edge, then sharpened using Wicked Edge System

example #3

Cold Steel Tanto Knife with Wicked Edge

example #4

Bradley Butterfly Knife with Wicked Edge

example #5

Kershaw Auto Knife with Wicked Edge

example #6

Benckmade Auto Dagger with Wicked Edge

Added backside edge to both top and bottom, then sharpened using Wicked Edge System

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