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Axe, Hatchet & Tomahawk Sharpening Service Sharpening Gator

Tactical Military Axes & Tomahawks Sharpened

For Tactical Axes and Tomahawks we take the extra-time to make sure your tomahawk is extra-sharp, so that you can use it for offensive or survival purposes. We know how important it is to get your United M48, Cold Steel Trench, SOG Tactical or RMJ Tactical tomahawks sharpened to better than factory edges. For as little as $10, let the Sharpening Shack turn your tomahawk into a weapon.

Types of Axes & Hatchets Sharpened: $10 each

United tactical Tomahawk Sharpening
SOG Tactical Tomahawk Sharpening

United M48 Tomahawk Sharpened

SOG Tomahawk Sharpened

Cold Steel Trench Tomahawk Sharpening
RMJ Tactical Tomahawk Sharpening

Cold Steel Trench Tomahawk Sharpened

RMJ Tactical Tomahawk Sharpened

Standard Axes & Hatchets Sharpened

At the Sharpening Shack, we professionally sharpen all types of axes and hatchets. Our sharpening services sharpens all brands of axes such as Fiskars, Eastwing, LeatherHead, Council Tool etc.. We sharpen the edge of your axe or hatchet and also file down damaged areas so that your prized axe or hatchet will be as good as or better than new. The price is $7 for sharpening.

We can sharpen your axe or hatchet with a convex or sabre ground edge.

Convex Grind Sharpening for Axe -------Convex Edge-----

---Sabre Ground Edge for Axe

Axe & Hatchet Reconditioning Service

Our axe head re-condition service includes the following service:

  • Axe head rust removal and surface sanding refinishing

  • Axe or hatchet edge sharpened and damage areas filed-down

  • Axe head repainted in "Fire Engine Red" paint

  • Wood handle sanded and re-sealed with clear varnish

  • Your initials stamped or engraved Into axe or hatchet handle

This service will bring your favorite of family axe or hatchet back to a fantastic visual and usable state, All for only $25.

Types of Axes & Hatchets Sharpened: $7 per/edge

Emergency & Rescue Axes

Emergency & Rescue Axes & Hatchets

Wood Chopper Axe

Splitting Axe

Wood Chopping Axe

Wood Splitting Axe

eastwing Hatchet

Fiskars Hatchet

Eastwing Hatchets

Fiskars Hatchets


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