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Hair Scissor & Shear Sharpening Service Sharpening Gator

Barber, Hair Shear & Scissors Sharpened

At the Sharpening Shack, we professionally sharpen all types of barber, salon and grooming hair shears and scissors. Our sharpening services sharpens all brands from low-end $30 hair shears up to $600 high-quality beauty shears. We can sharpen and hone both beveled and convex edged shears and scissors to be as good as or better than new.

____________________Types of Shear Edges

At the Sharpening Shack we use the Ookami Gold Sharpening System to assure that you receive a "Twice As Sharp" pair of scissors or shears back after we are done!!!.  Our system allows us to professionally sharpen your 800 millimeter radius convex or bevel shears back to factory condition.

Our scissor sharpening service includes:

  • Disinfecting of scissors or shears from fungus and other bacteria
  • Razor Sharp Honing and/or Sharpening
  • Minor repairs such as small nick removal
  • Lubrication
  • Balance & Adjustment
  • We also can add or replace finger rings, washers, finger tangs, stoppers and more!!!

Click here to review our hair shear sharpening service pricing

If the shears are older and/or rusted, corroded or chipped then we make every effort to remove rust, stains and get the shears back into good working condition for the standard published pricing. If the shears have been sharpened wrong, damaged such as blade edge chips, bent, won't cut even though blade is sharp, then you wil incure an additional fee (see pricing link above).

Types of Scissors & Shears Sharpened:

------------------------ Shark Fin Shear Sharpening

Professional Salon Swivel Shear & Scissor Sharpening

__Pet Grooming Scissors Sharpened __Barber Shear Sharpening

Pet Grooming Scissor Sharpening

Barber Shears Sharpening

________-----------Convex & Thinning Shears Sharpened

Convex Edge Scissors & Thinning Shears Sharpening

Please Note: Sorry WE DO NOT SHARPEN: cuticle, or small curved snips at this time.







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